General Motors expects to raise $10 billion, from an initial public offer, which would allow it to partially repay taxpayers. Our analysts examine how this will affect taxpayers. We also dig a little deeper to find out who possible investors for GM might be. Could they be overseas?

Despite the oil spill disaster, BP is back in the black -- $1.85 billion in the past three months to be exact. Additionally, even though BP may not be viewed as the "good guy" for a long time to come, its bottom line is sitting pretty for the long term. Over in Europe, Britain and France join forces to share military costs.

What are the effects of the NASA Shuttle program ending after 30 years? And, a case about violence in video games heads to the Supreme Court, where it will decide on imposing limits on selling violent games to children.

Here is a new business idea to get you high above the ailing economy: How about a weed bakery? And finally, forget the alarm companies and panic buttons, just plant more trees around your home for added security.