Imagine if someone got it into their head to build their own white house
across from the White House near 16th and Pennsylvania in Washington. One
response might be, who are you kidding? I am here with a reminder the
concept has been tried, in the very same neighborhood. Stand at
Pennsylvania Avenue at 15th Street, NW in Washington.

To the right is the view facing south, the imposing façade of the Treasury

Rotate to the north, same intersection, and notice who is horning in on
the architectural action:

I am sure the resemblance is an example of the sincerest form of flattery.
After all, given everything the financial system has been through in the
last two years, a little flattery of Treasury will get you everywhere.

Top: Treasury Department. Below: The PNC & B of A Twins.
(Photos by David Brancaccio, 2010).

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