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Amazon is busting out all over – app store, tablet, web thingie

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Word has it that Amazon is about to launch an app store for Android devices. While it seems a little nuts at first that they’re getting into a space where Google already has an Android app store up and running, it makes more sense the more you think about it. Amazon is really good at selling stuff online, including downloadable stuff, while the Google store has been criticized as being kind of a mess. Also, Amazon is much better at payment processing and is more global than the Google marketplace.

Harder to understand are these rumors that Amazon will launch their own tablet computer. Whereas the Kindle runs on its own system, any tablet computer would have to run on Android. But if a really good tablet could be made with the anti-glare quality of the Kindle, that would be pretty cool.

Aaaaand speaking of Kindle, it’s now available on the web. Kind of. The Kindle web app lets you sample and share PARTS of books, just not the whole thing. It’s a browser equivalent of thumbing through a book on the shelf at the bookstore.

UPDATE: Now they say they’ll have Kindle on the new BlackBerry PlayBook, too. “We’ll put a Kindle on your milk carton, your sidewalk, your baby’s head if it means we can sell you more books and make money!” a spokesperson for Amazon didn’t really say. True about the PlayBook though.

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