Posted by Melissa Kaplan

For Marketplace Morning Report, Tuesday, July 20

Our stories today were mostly pieces of a larger picture, headlines that began before the summer and have been unraveling since. BP takes over Prime Minster Cameron's U.S. excursion; Elizabeth Warren faces longstanding tensions with Timothy Geithner; and the Senate considers stretching out unemployment benefits. A season of continuity deserves a summer sound, which we associate with a bit more of an indie rock flare. In that sense, Apollo Sunshine were a bright addition. And what have Beck and Broken Social Scene been up to lately anyway?

  • 7/4 (Shoreline) -- Broken Social Scene Buy
  • Broken Drum -- Beck Buy
  • The Hotter, the Wetter, the Better -- Apollo Sunshine Buy
  • My Step -- Little Dragon Buy
  • Fall Down -- Toad The Wet Sprocket Buy