Sure, the gusher in the Gulf is plugged, at least for now. But why don't you try your hand at saving the day? Enter the "Plug the BP Oil Spill!" app.

If you want more oil spill-related apps, check out Treehugger's "14 Apps Connecting You to the Gulf Oil Spill." The list includes serious, science-based apps -- like the Slick Calculator and Reporter by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which calculates the volume of oil in the water -- to ones that seem like a time-suck, but can increase awareness -- such as the "Instant Oil Spill" that turns a website of your choice into a spill site.

Check out Marketplace's coverage of the BP oil spill, Ripple Effects -- from how the spill is affecting Gulf businessmen to how this crisis can affect pension funds in Britain.