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The inventory in a grocery store is eggs, milk, bread. But in a social media website, the inventory is information provided by members: names, emails, pictures. So if that website goes out of business, what happens to that information? XY magazine and it's website catered to gay teenagers. They went out of business in 2007, the founder has now filed for bankruptcy. He's listing among his assets the personal information of XY subscribers, including half a million online users. XY had told users they'd never share the information but creditors in the bankruptcy say they want that data. They want to be able to sell it.

We talk with's ]]link: type: ext text: Brian Cooley]] about the details of the case. For some insight into the what the law has to say about the information you share online, we also check in with Eric Goldman. He's an Associate Professor of Law at Santa Clara University School of Law and he directs the school's High Tech Law Institute.