It's getting increasingly difficult to keep up with all the suicides that are happening at Foxconn plants in China. Foxconn is the company that runs factories with hundreds of thousands of workers building personal electronic devices for companies like Apple, HP, Dell, Nokia, and more. Today there was another one, this time in Longhua instead of in Shenzhen where most had taken place this year. It looks like this is the eleventh such death this year, to go with numerous attempts. Engadget:

This latest death comes just hours after the news that Foxconn employees were very recently asked to sign a letter saying that the company would pay no more than legal minimum wage for "injuries sustained outside the workplace." The letter, which was made public early this morning, caused Chairman of Hon Hai to say they were "taking it back" as the language was inappropriate.

We talked about this issue just last week on the show but it seems like we should revisit it to some degree.

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