Facebook is retooling its safety information center to better protect its 400 million users worldwide. The redesigned Safety Center comes with new resources, which are aimed at parents, educators, law enforcement officials and teenagers. Facebook, which says safety is its top priority, compared the new rules to learning how to drive on the road.

In a press release, Facebook said:

The new Safety Center... [zeroes] in on the following key components:

  • Robust content: four times the number of pages dedicated to safety topics than was previously available
  • Interactive portal: rich multimedia content drawn from Facebook resources as well as independent organizations that seek to educate people about staying safe online
  • Streamlined design: clean, navigable interface created to help people quickly find answers to important safety questions organized by topic, such as "Addressing Personal Safety" and "Responding to Objectionable Content"

The social-networking site worked with its Safety Advisory Board on the initiative. Check out the new safety center here.

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