First, I don't think "Keychest" is really a word. And if you have a chest full of keys, wouldn't you need a key to open the chest? You didn't lock it in the chest, did you?

Anyway, Disney is coming out with this new system wherein you wouldn't own physical media of a movie but you'd be able to watch it on multiple platforms. It operates by some rather elaborate DRMs. Apple seems to be heavily involved and one assumes there's a pretty tight connection with the inevitable Apple tablet.

Questions I get right away:

1. So…what does ownership even mean here? If Disney is holding the strings, how is my copy of Pinocchio really mine?

2. We need to get rid of language like "my copy", don't we? So do we say "my license"?

3. What percentage of users have multiple platforms robust enough for this to make sense? Getting a DVD of The Rescuers seems so much easier.