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Marketplace Minute With Bill Radke 10/16

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The Dow’s above 10,000, which is great if you own Coke.
Or Dupont or General Motors — even though your neighbor’s broke,

And there’s massive unemployment and the dollar is in shambles
it does not affect your Boeing, or your Proctors or your Gambles.

If you’re privy to the Intel, and you’re friends with J.P. Morgan,
you don’t have to feed your family by auctioning an organ

You’ve got Kraft inside your pantry, you’ve got AMEX in the bank,
you’ve got Pfizer in your veins and Exxon Mobil in your tank.

When you own a piece of Disney, you don’t wish upon a Star,
cause you know as well as I, it makes a difference who you are.

Consumer prices barely rose, so really, no inflation,
meaning seniors will not get a cost-of-living alteration

…Neither will Ken Lewis — he’s the head of B of A
He’s in trouble cause he knew a lot of stuff he didn’t say…
when he bought up Merrill Lynch, he thought the deal smelled kinda funny.
Now he’s sorry and he says this year he won’t take any money

If you want learn some more, or if there’s anything I missed
(and I’m pretty sure there isn’t, it’s a comprehensive list)

You can always check our website — there’s a whole lot there to see.
You could even send YOUR verse to marketplace dot o-r-g.

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