A Barack Obama doll by German doll maker Marcel Offermann.
A Barack Obama doll by German doll maker Marcel Offermann. - 
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Renita Jablonski: A lot of entrepreneurial minds go red, white and blue during presidential election season -- even outside of the U.S. In Germany, a doll maker is taking steady orders for a Barack Obama doll that costs $220.

Marcel Offermann says he's only making 999 of the dolls. Since they went on sale yesterday, he's taken 100 orders, and he's with us now. Mr. Offermann, welcome. What was your inspiration?

Marcel Offermann: That a black man is in the position to get the President of the United States, in my humble opinion I think that is really wonderful.

Jablonski: Have you heard from the Obama campaign at all about this?

Offermann: Yes -- it's really funny. I sent an e-mail last week and told them that I created the Obama doll. And after four hours, I get an answer, and I think they are amazed from this. Perhaps because, of the account from a German doll maker.

Jablonski: Is a Hillary Clinton doll . . . ?

Offermann: No. If Obama had missed, I have no Hillary doll.

Jablonski: Why not?

Offermann: Because it's not, my opinion, in her political . . . and it's very difficult to create.

Jablonski: It's difficult to create certain people?

Offermann: Yes, yes.

Jablonski: Can you give us a taste of what other public figures you've made into dolls recently?

Offermann: Yes -- we have made the Pope Benedict, the Dalai Lama, Mozart and last year, Lady Diana.

Jablonski: Marcel Offermann is a doll maker in Germany. His latest offering is the Barack Obama doll. Thank you so much, Mr. Offermann.

Offermann: I thank you! Bye!