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Scott Jagow: Can you believe it's almost June already? June, of course, is a big time for weddings. Weddings are a huge business, and the newest fad seems to be health clubs marketing to brides. Jill Barshay reports.

Jill Barshay: The average American wedding runs almost $28,000, not including the honeymoon or the engagement ring. So says The Knot, a bridal website. Well, now you can add $1,500 or so for the pre-wedding work out.

Maryann Donner: The bridal gowns are all strapless now, so you really need to be in shape to look terrific on that day.

That's Maryann Donner of the New York Health and Racquet Club. She recently launched a program called Knock-Out Bride.

Donner: Weddings have become such a big production that when they see the bridal check list and they read their bridal magazines, they realize that it's not just about budgeting for your flowers and your music, that you want to look the best.

This kind of pre-nuptial marketing is growing, says the Association for Wedding Professionals International. Gyms all over the country are pitching at brides. The trick is how to keep these newlyweds coming back after the big day.

In New York, I'm Jill Barshay for Marketplace.