Kids wait in line to see "3D," the Hannah Montana movie.
Kids wait in line to see "3D," the Hannah Montana movie. - 
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Doug Krizner: Disney reports quarterly earnings this afternoon. Poor performance of Disney's theme parks may hurt the bottom line. But as Lisa Napoli reports, the Mouse House has an ace in the hole that's sure to boost revenue the next time around.

Lisa Napoli: This is the sound of crazed Hannah Montana fans at one of her concerts. But it could be parents screaming for joy that Disney's extended the run of the tween idol's 3D concert film for another week.

Or Mouse House executives thrilled about the movie's record-breaking performance at the nation's 3D theaters.

Carl Diorio: That it was just this big, $29 million big, was perhaps not quite envisioned.

That's Carl Diorio of the Hollywood Reporter. He says Disney's overall movie strategy seems to be working.

Diorio: They decided to do fewer movies, but the movies that they did do would be very much in keeping with the traditional historic Disney model.

Like the Christmas hits, "National Treasure" and "Enchanted."

Whether those can offset the effects of the writer's strike and dipping theme park attendance, we'll see later today.

In Los Angeles, I'm Lisa Napoli for Marketplace.