Man lounging on sofa with coffee and newspaper
Man lounging on sofa with coffee and newspaper - 
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Lisa Napoli: Oil is still flirting with 100 bucks a barrel. But another sort of black gold is continuing to experience a boom time. I'm talking about coffee. Marketplace's Dan Grech reports.

Dan Grech: Maxwell House has been around for 115 years. But nowadays it's being hit with competition on all sides.

Howard Davidowitz: Coffee is right at the centerplace in marketing in America. Starbucks, McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, the whole coffee industry is exploding.

That's retail consultant Howard Davidowitz.

On Wednesday, the busiest driving day of the year, Maxwell House set up shop at tollbooths in eight cities, including Chicago, Dallas and Miami. Signs told drivers the toll was "on the house."

Davidowitz: This is one way to reenergize the Maxwell House brand -- the famous "Good to the last drop" line which they've had forever.

Maxwell House's new slogan includes: "It's a new morning." The brand certainly hopes so, as it tries to gain market share on industry-leading Folgers.

In Miami, I'm Dan Grech for Marketplace.