The back side of an Edsel
The back side of an Edsel - 
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Scott Jagow: What's the worst car of all-time: the Pinto, the Fiero, the Yugo? It's a tough call, but the Edsel has to be up there. Fifty years ago today, the Edsel was introduced to America. Ford isn't holding any anniversary celebrations, for obvious reasons, but the Edsel has found a measure of redemption after all these years. Here's Dan Grech:

Dan Grech: The Edsel was hyped as the car of the future, but drivers mired in the Eisenhower recession weren't impressed by its hefty price tag or its maintenance issues.

Ford discontinued the car after just three years. But in a twist of fate, the Edsel nowadays commands a bit of a following.

Phil Skinner: My name is Phil Skinner. I'm the collector car market editor for Kelly Blue Book, and I'm also the past president of the Edsel Owner's Club.

He says rarer model Edsels can fetch six figures in an auction. Hundreds of Edsel enthusiasts gathered this July in Dearborn, Michigan to celebrate the anniversary.

Skinner: Ford's going through a tough time right now, and there's probably a bit of a sting still. They relate the name Edsel to failure.

The Edsel was originally named after Henry Ford's son.

Skinner: Us who own Edsels really know it's an acronym: Every Day Something Else Leaks.

I'm Dan Grech for Marketplace.