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BOB MOON: One of world's biggest drug companies is accused of distorting results of some clinical trials. According to an investigative report by the BBC, there were early warnings that a treatment for depression made by GlaxoSmithKline might actually make things worse for younger patients. Marketplace's Stephen Beard reports from London.

STEPHEN BEARD: The BBC claims that Glaxo suppressed evidence that Seroxat can be harmful.

Clinical trials showed that the anti-depressant made some children feel suicidal, says the broadcaster. But Glaxo went ahead with the drug, nevertheless.

The BBC has seen a series of internal company documents released by an American court order.

Bereaved families whose children took Seroxat and subsequently killed themselves are suing Glaxo in the U.S.

The BBC makes other claims. Among them that Glaxo leant on so-called independent academics to endorse Seroxat.

Glaxo refutes the allegations. The company says it utterly denies that it has improperly withheld drug trial results.

In London, this is Stephen Beard for Marketplace.