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Disney hits the pixie dust

Rico Gagliano Dec 21, 2006

TESS VIGELAND: And finally . . . Disney is delaying the release of a DVD based on the character Tinkerbell. It’s a big deal. ‘Cause Disney already launched a big marketing push with a fairy theme. The Marketplace Players wonder how a certain Mouse feels about Tink getting all the attention.

MICKEY: Hey, Tink? Can I come in?

TINKERBELL: Mickey? Wow, hi.

MICKEY: Sweet dressing room.

TINKERBELL: Right? It’s crazy palatial.

MICKEY: Yeah, bigger than mine. Hey, congrats on them giving you a voice, too. Long time comin’.

TINKERBELL: Thank you.

MICKEY: And not a stupid, sissy, high, dumb one either. Look, so anyway, I came to congratulate you.

TINKERBELL: You’re so sweet.

MICKEY: I mean, a few-hundred-million-dollar media and merchandising blitz. All for you. I mean, I know that feeling, it’s a great feeling.

TINKERBELL: I know, I’m walking on sunshine.

MICKEY: Yeah, so I guess you won’t be eating those potato chips so much anymore.


MICKEY: Well you know. Gotta be eye candy. Gotta stay pretty and thin.


MICKEY: I was thin once, you know. I could literally wrap my legs into a pretzel. By the time Fantasia came around they had to put me in a wizard’s cloak to hide my jelly roll.

TINKERBELL: Oh. You know . . . I’ve gotta get ready for a meeting . . .

MICKEY: And I haven’t really had many features since Fantasia, you notice that?

TINKERBELL: Yeah, um . . .

MICKEY: I mean, I built this studio, but just ’cause I have a taste for french fries and the occasional whiskey . . . Boom! Bye-bye career!

TINKERBELL: You know what, Mick?

MICKEY: What?!

TINKERBELL: Maybe I could talk to someone!

MICKEY: You’ve got that new voice.

TINKERBELL: We could use you in craft services.

MICKEY: I could do that! I could do that!


MICKEY: Oh, Hollywood! It truly is the happiest place on Earth!

VIGELAND: That piece was produced by Rico Gagliano, with Michelle Philippe.

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