It’s beginning to look like a Lego-less Christmas . . .

Rico Gagliano Oct 31, 2006

It’s beginning to look like a Lego-less Christmas . . .

Rico Gagliano Oct 31, 2006

KAI RYSSDAL: Here it is just Halloween. And we’re forced to speak of Christmas. It may not be a merry one for fans of Legos. The toymaker announced today some of its hottest products are sold out, and it might not be able to meet holiday demand. Kids will be upset. But the Marketplace Players figure that’s nothin’ compared to the wrath of Santa.

LEGO: Mr. Claus? You wanted to see me?

SANTA CLAUS: Lego! Buddy. Please. Sit. Some egg nog?

LEGO: Sure.

LEGO: You’re not having any?

CLAUS: Rule number one of the business, kid: Never sample your own product. Now. . . . The elves tell me you’re having a little trouble on the production side?

LEGO: Yeah, we’re coming up short on, uh, toys for the holidays.

CLAUS: Oh that’s terrible. TERR-ible.

Hey, nice ring there on your finger! Where’d you get that?

LEGO: From you, Mr. Claus. Christmas, last year.

CLAUS: That’s right! Hey, bring that finger over, lemme take a closer LOOK!


CLAUS: Oops, looks like I broke your freakin’ finger! Just like you’re breakin’ millions of little kids’ hearts!!!

LEGO: I’m sorry!

CLAUS: Let me explain this business to you, Mr. Lego. I’m Santa Claus. I give. What do I give? Toys. Who gets me the toys? Toymakers. What do I got if toymakers don’t give me toys? I got a whole lot of crying little customers. And I don’t . . . like the sound . . . of crying!

LEGO: Wah!!!

CLAUS: I like the sound of yuletide cheer! Ho ho ho.

LEGO: But, where do I get the toys for you? I got nothing.

CLAUS: I dunno. Shake down Playmobil. This is your problem. You got 38 shopping days, or I get elf D’Annunzio to put a big lump of coal through your head. Say hi to the wife.

CLAUS: Yeah, Janice, get Mr. Fisher-Price down here. I gotta talk to him about this TMX Elmo shortage.

* * * * *

RYSSDAL: Marketplace’s Rico Gagliano wrote our ode to the North Pole. He was Santa Claus. Brendan Newnam was the unfortunate Mr. Lego.

The L.L. Bean shipping center in Freeport, Me. (Joe Raedle / Getty Images)

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