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Why young children are fleeing Central America

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    Univision anchor Maria Elena with Esvin, a man that recycles garbage in Guatemala for a living.

    - Mirna S. Couto/Univision Noticias

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    Esvin, a man that recycles garbage in Guatemala for a living.

    - Maria Elena Salinas/Univision Noticias

The issue of how to deal with young illegal immigrants has been particularly troubling for the Obama administration, with more than 57,000 young migrants, most from Central America, apprehended at the southwest border since October.

María Elena Salinas co-anchors the Univision Network’s national newscast “Noticiero Univision” and the weekly primetime newsmagazine “Aquí y Ahora." She took a recent trip to Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador to explore the social, political, and economic reasons why children are fleeing from those countries to the United States. 

Click the media player above to hear Univision anchor María Elena Salinas in conversation with Marketplace Morning Report host David Brancaccio.

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David Brancaccio is the host of Marketplace Morning Report. Follow David on Twitter @DavidBrancaccio


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