Which Anchorman should co-host with Kai?

Props from the Achorman movie on display as members of the media attend the Anchorman: The Exhibit media preview at The Newseum on November 13, 2013 in Washington, DC.

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I know the point is to have fun with the whole Anchorman marketing campaign. But I think you can have even more fun with Les Nessman as a co-anchor. Cue the happy music. Pork bellies are up.

Please, not any of your recent show additions, who happen to be female. Who neither: present factual journalism; way too many opinions, commentary and subjective adjectives; i.e., poor reporting style; And do not appear to have the age maturity to realize half of what they say is common knowledge to most [educated] listeners. I feel like I'm listening to a teenager too much of the time.

What? No write-ins?

I fell in love with Heidi Moore when she was a regular on Marketplace. Make her a co-anchor!

Brick for the win. "I love microphone , I love stocks, I love Kai."
Kai " Brick are you just naming things you see here in the studio & saying you love them?"
Brick "...I love Kai"
Kai " This is marketplace."
Brick " I love Marketplace!"

Yeah you can use this bit in the show Kai :)

I see that Brick has the wit we need for Marketplace! I go with Brick.

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