Getting Personal: Debt relief, lending clubs

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This is a comment about the Saturday, 12/4 broadcast about debt relief and lending clubs. A caller, Stewart in Chicago, wanted to know if he should pay off his $3,000 in debt with an $8,400 bonus check or try and settle the debt for less and take a hit on his credit score. Thankfully Tess Vigland tried (way too nicely) to get Stuart to realize he needed to actually pay his debt, but that was lost on this guy. What I couldn't understand was the response of her guest host, Liz Plain-Westland of MSN, who said that settling your debt when you clearly have the money to pay it off in his situation was a "perfectly legitimate approach" because his credit score had already taken a hit when the debt was sold to a collection agency. NO!!! IT'S NOT A PERFECTLY LEGITIMATE APPROACH. IT'S THE SAME THING AS STEALING!!! Why should Stuart get to buy his new 50 inch plasma TV or whatever it was he charged to incur that debt and decide he, unlike the rest of America who pays for what they purchase, shouldn't have to pay it back because his credit score has already been impacted. People of America...the only reason it's ok to settle debts for less than you owe is if you can't actually pay those debts back. Stuart should be ashamed of himself and Liz should too!

This is a comment about a rebroadcast that I listened to Saturday morning, 12/4 about debt relief and lending clubs, with Liz and Tess. A caller named Stewart in Chicago called in about having $3,000 in debt, recently having received an $8,400 bonus, and wondering what to do. Both women seemed to mumble, and I couldn't follow their train of thought very well - actually went on line to re-listen to the dialog. What is wrong with saying flat out "Pay your **** debt!" America wouldn't be in half the mess it is in if people just payed their debt!! Stop buying the toys if you can't afford them. Pay up America! Work first, then spend it! And if it's on a credit card, pay it off! Say it with conviction! If people aren't hearing it from their parents, they need to hear it somewhere !!!

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