Anonymous is big business for Time Warner

Nick Bilton has a pretty hilarious piece in the NYT today about the hacking group/collective/trend/fad/whatever known as Anonymous. Anonymouseurs are prone to wearing Guy Fawkes masks similar to the ones used in the movie V For Vendetta. You may have seen these - slightly smiling, eyes closed, gentlemanly facial hair. So protestors are buying these things up like crazy BUT a major corporation - Time Warner, which distributed the movie - makes money off each sale.

"It's a symbol of what Anonymous stands for, of fighting evil governments," said one of the mask-wearers at that protest. The Anonymous member declined to share his name, noting that the entire concept of the mask was to remain anonymous. "You can get a mask and join the fight, too! But I heard the costume store is sold out until Friday," he said.

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