Inbox overload: How to time your emails for less stress

Janell Burley Hofmann is a Cape Cod mother of five who keeps a close eye on how to behave with technology. Today's topic: Email and the expectation that we have to answer everything the moment we see it.

Hofmann argues senders should start including a timeframe for when they need a response. Click on the audio player above for more on how to train your digital community not to expect instant email gratificiation.


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Janell Burley Hofmann, is blogger and a Cape Cod mother-of-five.
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Not just emails. People expect quick replies to their text messages, too.

I pity those poor bastards expecting a timely reply from me. I often wait a day or two (if I'm feeling particularly speedy) to reply to emails and unless a text message indicates something happening in the moment (as opposed to, say, yet another photo of my sister's new grandson, of which I now have dozens) those can languish for upwards of two weeks.

Okay, so I'm not normal. I admit. I mean, I posted a whopping total of seven items on my Facebook page during the entirety of last year.

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