The facts behinds the iPhone 5's LTE

A customer tries out the Apple iPhone 5 inside the Apple Fifth Avenue flagship store on the first morning it went on sale on September 21, 2012 in New York City.

Today, the release of perhaps the only gadget that can actually move the U.S. economy: the iPhone 5 is in stores, and on its way to two million people with pre-orders. The new iPhone features a bigger screen, longer battery life -- a new Apple Maps product that apparently doesn't work very well yet...

And they tell us it's the first iPhone to support something called "4G LTE." LTE is supposedly the gateway to faster online data. And it is being trumpeted as one of the phone's main selling points.

Jeff Kagan is a tech analyst and columnist with E-Commerce Times.

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Jeff Horwich is the interim host of Marketplace Morning Report and a sometime-Marketplace reporter.


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