AT&T rebranding may be a bit vague

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Bill Radke: This week, AT&T launched a rebranding campaign:

AT&T: AD: Rethink possible.

Rethink possible. The company's taken some hits for having a weak cellular network. Now it's trying to emphasize its strengths, as reporter Jill Barshay tells us.

Jill Barshay: AT&T wants to sell you much more than phone service.

Christopher Larsen: AT&T has a good portfolio of products it's expanding that nobody has an idea that they sell.

Christopher Larsen tracks AT&T at the securities firm Piper Jaffray: Larsen says AT&T's problem is that people are getting rid of landlines, and it could lose its exclusive right to sell the iPhone as soon as July. He says AT&T needs to get beyond the phone line, but he's not convinced this glitzy ad campaign will work:

AT&T: AD: Explore, try, do. Because before it could be done, it couldn't.

Larsen says there's a big risk that no one is going to understand what AT&T is talking about.

In New York, I'm Jill Barshay for Marketplace.

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AT&T COULD decide to leapfrog over the other companies by providing better coverage, faster service (or at least DSL service CLOSE to what was advertised), an guarantee on net neutrality, and basically leading the way towards getting our systems up to date with Asia. It would not only destroy the competition but it would silence the government too (since it'll actually prove that private corporations don't need to be armlocked by Fed before they let themselves become innovative).

For now I'm just waiting for someone OTHER than Comcast to offer a similar price for their service so I can get rid of this company.

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