No, <i>you</i> pay to fix the planet


SCOTT JAGOW: There's a new poll out today about global warming. Stanford University, the Washington Post and ABC News did this survey. It found a third of Americans say global warming is the most pressing environmental issue. Most people said the government should do something. Marketplace's Stephen Henn picks it from there.

STEVE HENN: OK, so most Americans agree global warming is a big hairy problem. When it comes to saving the planet we're all for it.

When it comes to paying for it . . . well maybe not.

How do you feel about higher electricity taxes?

MAN ON STREET 1: No. Most of our electricity comes from coal. We have ways to scrub it, make the utilities pay for that.

Eighty percent of Americans believe boosting taxes on electricity is a really bad idea.

Well, how about a gas tax?

MAN ON STREET 2: Absolutely. Please tax us for that.

But only 1-in-3 Americans agree.

Concern over global warming is twice what it was just a year ago, but support for increasing taxes on greenhouse gas emissions hasn't budged.

Most Americans agree, somebody should do something. Just keep your hands off my wallet.

In Washington, I'm Steve Henn for Marketplace.

About the author

Steve Henn was Marketplace’s technology and innovation reporter for the entire portfolio of Marketplace programs until December 2011.


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