Disney lets female workers lose the pantyhose

Disney has been infamous for adhering to the same conservative dress code established in the 1950's, but it seems the Mouse has finally loosened his tie and started sending some of his decades-old rules to never-never land. Female employees, once unable to wear sleeveless tops or open-toed shoes, may now be so bold as to bare their arms and even stop wearing pantyhose if they so choose. Men can untuck their shirts.

The end of the pantyhose rule will be a relief for Disney's female work force, who were forced to don nylons even on hot summer days. Costumed characters, however, have to stick to the program.



The dress code changes were made after the company compared their rules to similar guidelines at other theme parks and Fortune 500 corporations, a process that can "consume as many executive-level meetings as a multimillion-dollar attraction".

The strict appearance rules date back to the opening of Disneyland in 1955, when Walt Disney wanted to ensure that "theme-park workers would appear friendly and approachable to guests and not distract from the fantasy world depicted inside the park. Disney wanted to distinguish his new theme parks from "sleazy" carnivals running at the time.

The decision affects the lives of 20,000 workers at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif. and 58,000 employees at Disneyworld in Orlando, Fla. It's the biggest change to appearance rules since 2000, when Disney finally lifted its longstanding ban on mustaches.

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Stop wearing pantyhose? OK - that's reasonable and easily understood. But allowing untucked shirts just says "sloppy is OK". That's a slippery slope unbecoming of Disney. Other parks should be comparing themselves to Disney's standards, not the other way around. Disney is basically saying that they are no longer leaders, but are simply following the rest of the (theme park) crowd...

For those of you who didn't read beyond the title, this does NOT apply to costumed workers, i.e. the ones which you see in the parks (except for managers, possibly). Don't worry Jo, I'll still be wearing thick black pants as part of my mandatory costume in high 90 degree weather as it was today for your apparent benefit, while barely making above minimum wage. Only promise me you'll look just as classy when you visit the parks without getting dizzy from the heat.

Tell you what, Bob, you go stand outside in 90 degree pantyhose and thick shirts then get back to us on that. It's only fair that the dress code is equal for men and women. Unless you missed the memo, you can look nice without dressing in business professional in an amusement park.

If I'm paying huge mountains of cash for a vacation and the guy serving my food looks no different from the bum standing outside the local gas station, I'm not coming back. If the so called professional standing behind the counter is in sandals with an untucked shirt, and I'm paying several hundred dollars a night to look at and be cared for by that slob, I'm not coming back.

Now, if Disney wants to drop their prices along with their standards, then they would cease to be hypocrites. Why should I hand over my hard earned money for a family on vacation to be indistinguishable from the employees and yet still be forced to pay premium prices on food, lodgings, and entertainment. The heat sucks, but these people are not slaves. They can find another job that has the low standards they are comfortable with. They are working, not vacationing, period.

As a culture, we EXPECT certain professionals to dress and act a certain way. My doctor would cease to be my doctor if he showed up in shorts and flip flops. Mr. Disney set those guidelines for a reason, and it is what we have all come to expect when we visit any of his parks. For those of you who disagree, think of the soldiers, doctors, police officers, and so on who I can guarantee would jump at the chance to make 'comfort' changes to their own uniforms.

“sleazy” carnivals running at the time.

The decision affects the lives of 20,000 workers at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif. and 58,000 employees at Disneyworld

Pastyhose argument is a mere smoke screen to distract the unwary mind from the looming sleaze of all those long lines you got to stand in for hours. But why they don't have separate but unequal theme parks? One park for adults but other for children with parents tagging along? You want white tie officer's mess uniforms on employees? Move theme park to Alaska. Key West Park deserves topless bikini dress. In Florida even the ocean water is too hot for swimmers.

Thanks, Uncle McScrooge

I'm going to miss that dress code, the last place in America where people looked .....nice! Now the worker's will slowly devolve into flip flop wearing untucked shirt bums like so many other work places.
You walk into the office and are like "Hey janitor dude, you know where the manager is?"
"I AM the manager!"
Huh?! Ha ha!

Perhaps the people complaining about this should look in a mirror? I've been do both Disney Land and World. The customers? Not always pretty.

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