The all-time champion recipient of federal aid from the financial crisis?

This final note today, in which I somehow naively hope will be the last time we'll have to say the word "TARP" on this program.

The panel that Congress set up to oversee the bank bailout is winding down. It's going out of business this week, but not before issuing one last report.

The all-time champion recipient of federal aid during the financial crisis -- from all sources, it should be said -- not just the TARP: Citigroup, with a total bailout of $476.2 billion. Bank of America was a distant second at $336.1 billion.

Not fixed, the report says? That whole "too big to fail" thing.

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Thank YOU SUCKERS!!!!! oh, I mean thank you taxpayers for bailing us out. We will be thinking fondly of you as we sip our $1000 bottle of cavasia on our billion $$$$ yachts. We love ya in New York baby!

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