Julie Aiken shared her favorite road song, "The Longest Road" by Morgan Page. Although she may not be going very far in terms of physical distance to reach clients for her pharmaceuticals sales job, Los Angeles traffic sometimes makes a trip feel endless.

Check out what Julie listens to while she falls into a "traffic trance" after the jump.

  • One Evening (Remix by VV) - FeistBuy
  • Rise - Samantha JonesBuy
  • Underneath (Morgan Page Vox Mix) - Alanis MorissetteBuy
  • The Longest Road - Morgan PageBuy
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You honestly couldn't find a more bland, vanilla person or music selection to feature if you tried. And it appears as though you've tried indeed. How did this story make it to air on Marketplace? Were your producers asleep at the wheel? I sure was while listening to this tepid snoozer.

I guess not everybody likes the same music.

To each his own. Personally I enjoyed it. Something different than I had heard before. I suspect it would be great for making it through the traffic in LA.

I think there are less ugly ways to express your opinion. Her music choices may not meet your standards but such vitriol is unnecessary.

It's Samantha James not Jones (the character from "Sex and the City". I actually brought "The longest road".

I was listening to this interview from here in County lockup, and it made me cry. Inspirational songs for the drive home, and once m'lady comes and helps me with bail, that is where I will be headed. Oh, Julie, would that you were m'lady, you could bring the $637 to expunge my "Malicious RV Driving II" penalty, then we could play your playlist as the velvet smooth transmission on my 1991 Winnebago gets us up to highway speed--nothing but the wind whipping the drapes through the open window of the combo kitchen/bedroom/foyer behind us, hints of desert air and the promise of love and freedom spread out on the horizon before us.

Look, you don't have to be Classically-trained to understand that Morgan Page is just really talented! I'm a composer/producer/pianist myself and therefore can't help being critical, but since I heard "Fight For You" it's been one of my favorite all-time songs even though I mostly create Hip Hop-laden instrumentals... it led me to check out his other work, and I must say Morgan Page rocks!!!!!!!!

Enjoyed the play list, nice music to relax to on a long drive. Maybe if Mike had a listen he would find a way to lave a positive comment. Cause as momma said, if you don't have anything nice to say... well you know the rest.

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