America's worst cities for traffic

Traffic on the northbound and southbound lanes of the110 Freeway starts to stack up during rush hour traffic on February 5, 2013 in Los Angeles, United States.

Americans wasted a total of $121 billion -- or an average of $818 per person -- sitting in traffic in 2011, according to a new report from the Transportation Institute at Texas A&M.

Drivers in urban areas were delayed an average of 38 hours a year by traffic congestion. Washington D.C. ranked as the most congested city, where commuters wasted 67 hours a year in traffic. Los Angeles and San Francisco were tied for number two at 61 hours. Drivers in the greater New York City area came in third, wasting 59 hours a year on the road. Boston, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia and Seattle rounded out the top ten.

America's Top 15 worst cities for Traffic by hours wasted (Texas A&M):


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