Goodbye, Mitt: Remembering Jason Sudeikis' biz bits

Kate McKinnon and Jason Sudeikis portraying Ann and Mitt Romney on "Saturday Night Live."

Comedian Jason Sudeikis told David Letterman Wednesday night on "The Late Show" that he was leaving NBC's "Saturday Night Live." Sudeikis started as a writer at the show in 2003, and joined the cast in 2006, immediately before the financial crisis -- and the comedy it provided.

During the financial crisis and Wall Street bailouts of 2007-2008, Sudeikis played President George W. Bush, like in this skit about the TARP bailout and Congress:

Besides his time portraying Mitt Romney and President Bush, here are a few more of our favorite business-related sketches:

As Donald Trump:

In the vice presidential debate, as Joe Biden, talking deficits and unemployment:

How not to conduct a business meeting:

Besides his comedy work, Sudeikis is a voice actor and even provided voiceovers for a line of commercials for the Applebee's restaurant chain in 2012.

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