Playlist: Google and Motorola, U.S. growth

Posted by Ryan Faughnder

For Marketplace Morning Report, Mon., Aug. 15, 2011

Google buys Motorola Mobility to put itself in direct competition with Apple by making its own phones. President Barack Obama embarks on a town hall tour as we talk with economics professor Daniel Hamermesh about what needs to happen before U.S. growth can get back on track. The holidays are months away, but it looks like the hot toy this Christmas season could be a tablet - for preschoolers.

Here are the songs we played today:

  • Little Man - Little DragonBuy
  • Someone's Second Kiss - RJD2Buy
  • You Are The Ocean - PhantogramBuy
  • The Devil, You + Me - NotwistBuy
  • Science vs. Romance - Rilo KileyBuy

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Ryan Faughnder is a web contributor for Marketplace. Most recently, he was a business reporting intern for the Los Angeles Times and a senior editor at Neon Tommy.


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