The price tag for being an RNC delegate

Workers sets up the Montana kiosk on the floor of the Tampa Bay Times Forum before the start of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.

Delegates to the Republican Nation Convention are making the trek to Tampa, Fla. this weekend. Starting Monday, they'll spend their days cavorting, cheering and officially nominating a candidate for the presidential election. We already know who they are going to pick. What is a little more of a mystery: How much each of them spends making the journey. Wisconsin delegate Barbara Finger stepped away from her last-minute shopping to help us understand her personal electoral math.

Finger broke down the major costs:

  • Delegate fee: $650 (covers many of the events costs)
  • Airfare: $503
  • Hotel room (shared): $800

The costs add up, but Finger things the price tag is well worth it.

"I'm a political junkie and this is just going to be, like, I'll be right in the midst of it. It's going to kinda be like a mosh pit in an open seating concert," Finger said.

Finger, who is unemployed, raised money for her trip through donations. So far, she says she's raised $3,600.

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Adriene Hill is the senior multimedia reporter for LearningCurve.


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