The fight for Hillshire, as measured in hot dogs

Joey Chestnut (L) of San Jose, California celebrates winning the annual International July Fourth Hot Dog Eating Contest by holding a plate of 66 hot dogs and buns with an unidentifed official, in 2007, at the original Nathan's Famous restaurant in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn, NY.

Everyone wants a bite of the hot dog.

On Tuesday, chicken producer Pilgrim's Pride began the bidding war for Hillshire Brands with an offer equivalent to $6.4 billion. Hillshire is a brand best-known for their Jimmy Dean sausages and Ball Park hot dogs. Tyson Foods, another meatpacking distributor, relished the opportunity to beat them on Thursday with their own offering of $6.1 billion.

What I wanted to know: What are they offering in... meat? How many hot dogs and whole chickens could Tyson foods buy with that $6.1 billion?

Approx. number of Ballpark Hot Dogs:



Approx. number of Tyson Family Roaster Chickens: 



Tyson's going to need to purchase another 300 million hot dogs if they want to match the Pilgrim's Pride deal. 


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