U.S. states with most part-time, full-time employees

In today's job market, more people are taking on part-time employment, whether it's temporary and a way to get by, or because hours have been reduced and a full-time position has been replaced by a part-time one.

In our latest Marketplace Map, we take a look at America at Work. The data on employment in 2010 reveals that the part-time workforce has become a major part of the job numbers. Some states in the U.S. reported nearly a quarter of its workforce employed in part-time jobs. And those states reporting the most part-time employees are not the same as those with the most full-time employees.

Here are the lists:

Top 10 U.S. states with part-time employees:

1. Michigan (24.9% of employed)

2. Rhode Island (24.4%)

3. Maine (24%)

4. Vermont (23.9%)

5. Utah (23.8%)

6. Idaho (23.5%)

6. Massachusetts (23.5%)

8. Minnesota (23.2%)

9. Washington (23%)

10. Wisconsin (22.8%)

Top 10 U.S. states with full-time employees:

1. Oregon (86.1%)

2. West Virginia (83.7%)

3. Georgia (83.6%)

4. Maryland (83.5%)

5. Virginia (83.4%)

5. Arkansas (83.4%)

7. Oklahoma (83.2%)

7. Texas (83.2%)

9. Delaware (83.1%)

10. New Jersey (83%)

To see how your state fared, check out Marketplace Maps: America at Work.

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Chau Tu is the former assistant web producer for Marketplace.


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