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Online retailers like Amazon are upping the price to qualify for free shipping this year.

PODCAST: Amazon search

Oct 23, 2014
A good week for markets, Amazon vs Google, and asking questions about water.

PODCAST: Dodd-Frank digitizes

Oct 22, 2014
The CPI increases slightly, and banks struggle to comply with the Volcker Rule.
A worker overlays a World Series sticker in the visiting dugout at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Mo. The Royals play host to the San Francisco Giants in Game 1 of the World Series on October 21.

PODCAST: Lots to gain and lose from the World Series

Oct 21, 2014
A check-in with Yahoo, a look at Oscar de la Renta's career, and the economics of the world series.

PODCAST: The next billion

Oct 20, 2014
IBM sells chips, SolarCity sells bonds, and tech sells "the next billion."

PODCAST: Travel bans

Oct 17, 2014
A rocky week for investors, the trouble with travel bans, and organ transplants.
Job-seekers use computers at the Workforce One South Employment Solutions center in Florida to look for job opportunities. Recent video interviews conducted by Frontier Communications have helped hire more long-term unemployed individuals.

PODCAST: Here's my video resume

Oct 16, 2014
Industrial production data, video resumes, and Mexico's attempts to attract investors.

PODCAST: Netflix goes ultra-high-definition

Oct 15, 2014
AbbVie reconsiders a deal, Netflix charges for ultra-high-def, and the trouble with oil booms.
Sherlock Holmes

PODCAST: Talking statues

Oct 14, 2014
OPEC cuts oil prices, Google vs. Amazon, and talking statues.

PODCAST: Controlling the panic over Ebola

Oct 13, 2014
Controlling the panic over Ebola, a railway merger, and mining asteroids.

PODCAST: Taking a mental health day

Oct 10, 2014
World economies, mental health days, and Bolivia's elections.

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