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A trader works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange during Thursday morning in New York City. Dow Jones Industrial Average stocks continued their rally, opening approximately 200 points higher on Thursday.

PODCAST: Mixed stock market indicators

Aug 28, 2015
The economy-market relationship, globalization and Greece’s new prime minister.

PODCAST: Happy birthday, now cut me a check

Aug 27, 2015
On today's show: retiring amid volatile markets and paying up to sing "Happy Birthday."
Everest College is one of the college systems owned by Corinthian Colleges Inc.

PODCAST: Wall Street's rusty plumbing

Aug 26, 2015
A Dow rally, ETFs and a for-profit college's bankruptcy plan

PODCAST: Looking for a rebound

Aug 25, 2015
Where do we go after Black Monday?

PODCAST: The fallout from "Black Monday"

Aug 24, 2015
On today's show: interest rates and self-driving cars.

PODCAST: A paint store ten years after Katrina

Aug 21, 2015
On today's show: stock markets, firefighters, and a paint store in New Orleans.

PODCAST: The economics of palliative care

Aug 20, 2015
The CPI, palliative care and a check-in on a street in New Orleans.

PODCAST: Why you pay what you pay

Aug 19, 2015
Fed minutes, consumer prices, and rebuilding New Orleans.

PODCAST: Elysian Fields

Aug 18, 2015
China's markets, viagra for women, and a check-in on Elysian Fields in New Orleans.
 Boxes move along a conveyor belt at an Amazon fulfillment center in Tracy, California.

PODCAST: Amazonians

Aug 17, 2015
An update on the markets, skyrocketing live music revenue, and the brutal work culture accounts at Amazon.

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