Hot Jobs: Boardwalk retailers

Perry and Margaret Pillas


Kai Ryssdal: Remember summer vacations at the beach, maybe hanging out on the boardwalk? And those T-shirts your parents bought you? The one with goofy sayings on 'em or cats outlined in glitter? Well, that brings us to today's next installment of Hot Jobs.

The retail business can be tough. But it's much easier to take when you're selling T-shirts at the beach, and you're only doing it three months out of the year. Like this entrepreneurial couple in Ocean City, Maryland. Elizabeth Wynne Johnson helped us out with that report.

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I was working in OC Babies For the whole summer. Thanks to this couple this was the most amazing summer in my life :)

Enyoyed the story, think I will go to Ocean City and I'll stop in to see Margaret and Perry.

I liked the music--it captured the history of the boardwalk. Can anyone tell me what it is?

The show said to come to web site to see their beach front store and I expected to see the front, not just them. Ah well, wish them the best.

Creative thinking outside the box! I've always known there was a better way then nine to five - it gives me hope - I'm on my way to the beach!

I know these people and they work very hard. Their outlook is great. Of interest is all the personal things that they have gone thru and have kept their focus on providing a needed basic service to the beach and boardwalk community.

Interesting content, but the incidental music is incredibly annoying, incongruous, distracting, and frankly obnoxious. Why?

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