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Vacation, all I ever wanted ... but I don't take one

Jun 15, 2015
The average American leaves five vacation days on the table every year.
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Microsoft wants contractors to take some time off

Mar 26, 2015
The tech giant says all its contractors must offer employees at least 15 days off.
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A giant plastic ice cream cone glints in the sun on the South Beach on July 17, 2014 in Lowestoft, England.

Why we take so little vacation

Oct 31, 2014
American workers left some $52 billion in vacation time unused last year.
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When employees are given 'unlimited' vacation time

Sep 25, 2014
It may sound like a dream, but some employees aren't buying it.
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Won't you please take a vacation?

Aug 18, 2014
At least one company will actually pay you to get away for a while.
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In Europe, vacation days stay

May 27, 2013
One in four Americans get no vacation days while the average European gets 25 days off.
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Has the U.S. become a no-vacation nation?

Dec 14, 2012
More Americans are using less vacation time. Are people too stressed and too cash-strapped to coordinate a getaway or are employers making it more difficult to take time off?
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Europeans get vacation 'do-over'

Jul 6, 2012
In Europe, high courts have upheld workers' right to reclaim vacation days marred by illness or injury.
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Americans and the vacation conundrum

Feb 15, 2012
American workers get the least amount of guaranteed paid holiday and vacation time compared to the rest of the world, and many don't even take their allotted time off, thanks to pressure from employers.
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Mid-day Extra: What the U.S. gives up for vacation

Dec 2, 2011
A recent report says that Americans gave up $34.3 billion worth of vacation days this year.
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