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The narrowing of the Social Security do-over

Jan 12, 2011
Question: I will be 66 next month and plan to continue working until I am 70. I have been thinking of drawing social security and investing it in...
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Gov't benefits get digitized

Dec 21, 2010
This final note today, from the Marketplace Desk of, well, I guess you gotta draw the line somewhere. The Treasury Department issued new rules...
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Social Security: Take it early, on-time, or late

Dec 7, 2010
Question: I retired a year and a half ago and have been living on a severance payment since then. Sometime in the next few months, as I expected, I...
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What's ahead for fiscal reform

Nov 10, 2010
This final note today about the deficit. The National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform made some news this afternoon. That's the...
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Social Security and the railroads

May 21, 2010
Question: I have about $135,000 that I paid into social security, and also have been with the railroad for a long time and will retire soon. Can I...
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Retirement planning calculators

Apr 5, 2010
Question: Can you send me some web sites (other than Social Security) that have calculators to help figure out when is the best time to retire in...
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Social Security disability

Mar 23, 2010
Question: My cousin, for whom I am Power of Attorney, is disabled after more than 30 years as a housekeeper. She receives disability Medicare, PERA...
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Stimulus check

Feb 16, 2010
Question: The $250.00 stimulus check that is supposed to be sent out is that supposed to be for the year 2010? I have checked the web and...
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Take Social Security now or later

Nov 4, 2009
Question: I am still employed and am almost 67 years young. Is better to wait till I am 70 1/2 to collect Social Security benefits or take them now...
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Social Security penalty?

Sep 15, 2009
Question: I'm a professor at Duke University. However, I used to work at a state university, and in the 7 years I worked there, I did not...
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