Robbing from your own retirement

Feb 28, 2008
More workers are tapping into their 401(k) accounts to spend money and pay off mounting debts. Stacy Vanek-Smith reports while there may be advantages to borrowing from yourself there are also huge risks.
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Reframing retirement savings

Feb 22, 2008
The latest strategy to get Americans saving: psychology. As Steve Tripoli found out, reframing retirement planning can help get portfolios growing.
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CalPERS sees green in forest investing

Feb 21, 2008
The California Public Employee Retirement System, or CalPERS, is investing more than $2 billion in forest projects in a move environmentalists are calling trend-setting. Sarah Gardner reports on sustainable forest investments.
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The 12 money mistakes

Feb 15, 2008
How many bad money behaviors do you have? Tess asks Greg Daugherty the 12 money mistakes that can cost you a million bucks.
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Comparing online calculators

Feb 8, 2008
Try plugging some numbers into online retirement calculators and you might end up with very different answers. Tess asks Russ Wermers how to find a calculator that measure ups.
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Educating Rico: Retirement

Feb 8, 2008
Rico Gagliano learns that father knows best -- especially when it comes to saving for retirement -- on our latest installment of "Educating Rico."
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Transparency sought in 401(k) fees

Feb 7, 2008
Many workers currently enrolled in a 401(k) plan don't know they could be losing money through hidden fees and conflicts of interest. Now the Labor Department has proposed some new rules for disclosure. Tess Vigeland reports.
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Avoiding hidden 401k fees

Feb 1, 2008
Next week is the final week for the public to comment on new disclosure rules designed to expose the fees that sneak thousands from your 401k. Tess talks to Matthew Hutcheson for more.
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Is time still on your side?

Jan 25, 2008
If you're retiring soon, it seems like the timing couldn't be any worse. What's the best way to manage your portfolio when "the long haul" isn't an option? Bob Moon takes a closer look.
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U.S. baby boomlet an economic boon

Jan 18, 2008
A surprise boost in the nation's fertility rate means more workers to replace an aging workforce, plus more taxes to keep Social Security afloat a little longer. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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