Won't you please take a vacation?

Aug 18, 2014
At least one company will actually pay you to get away for a while.
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Microsoft's Surface 2 wants you to be productive

Sep 24, 2013
The Surface 2 tablet launched yesterday in New York.
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Victory! Marketplace Morning Report learns to fold a fitted sheet

Mar 14, 2013
One of life's little mysteries has been solved: How to fold a fitted sheet. Watch the video and learn for yourself.
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Power nap: Sleeping on the job

Mar 11, 2013
USA Today points out a 20-minute nap can give a big boost to productivity.
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What your local coffee shop can tell you about U.S. productivity

Feb 7, 2013
Productivity fell at the end of last year at the fastest pace in two years -- about 2 percent.
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Do shared work spaces increase the bottom line?

Dec 7, 2012
Shared, open workplace designs may increase employee creativity and decrease office space costs.
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American worker productivity gets revised up

Dec 5, 2012
American workers were doing more and making more in the past few months. U.S. productivity growth has been revised up for the latest quarter, to an annual rate of almost 3 percent.
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Do colder temperatures make you less productive?

Sep 24, 2012
A new study finds that when office temperatures are low, workers commit more mistakes and are half as productive as they could be working in warmer conditions.
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U.S. productivity rose 2.2% last quarter

Sep 5, 2012
That's more than originally thought, and it means that businesses are doing more with less.
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Are Americans overworked?

Jul 27, 2012
Europeans get a minimum of three weeks of paid vacation, but many Americans get none. While Americans may work more, it doesn't necessarily mean they're being more productive.
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