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Can your boss fine you for not disclosing your weight?

Jul 22, 2013
Penn State is the latest major employer to require its workers to disclose their vitals, or face a stiff penalty.
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A decision to leave Penn State's football team

Jul 24, 2012
As of last weekend, 18-year-old cornerback Ross Douglas was headed to Penn State to play football as a Nittany Lion; he's now de-committed in the wake of the NCAA sanctions on the school. He and his mother talk about the difficult decision.
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Penn State penalty hits business’s bottom line

Jul 23, 2012
The NCAA fines Penn State $60 million and imposes other penalties that will have economic ripple effects in State College, Pa., for years.
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Penn State football faces severe NCAA penalties

Jul 23, 2012
This morning the NCAA announced an array of penalties against Penn State University for allegedly covering up the sexual abuse of Jerry Sandusky. The penalties include a $60 million fine, a four-year bowl game ban, and a 40 percent cut in scholarships.
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NCAA rules on future of Penn State football

Jul 23, 2012
This morning the NCAA handed down its penalties to Penn State for the child sex abuse scandal. The Penn State football team is barred from all bowl games for four years and faces a $60 million fine.
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Nike to take Joe Paterno's name off daycare facility

Jul 12, 2012
Until this morning the daycare facility at Nike headquarters near Beaverton, Ore., was officially called the Joe Paterno Child Development Center.
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Penn State alumni speak out at meetings

Jan 13, 2012
In many ways, the former Penn State students who attend town hall meetings regarding the sex abuse scandal that erupted there resemble unhappy shareholders.
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Penn State choice for Paterno successor draws boos

Jan 6, 2012
An assistant coach from the pros doesn't impress like a star coach from a big-name university, raising questions about Penn State's bottom lines: recruits, wins and revenue.
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Why the ones in power should be held accountable

Dec 3, 2011
In the aftermath of the recent scandals at various universities, there have been calls for the leaders of these institutions to step down. Should higher education officials be held accountable for what happens far down the leadership chain?
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Colleges taking careful approach to hiring coaches

Nov 30, 2011
In light of the recent scandals at Penn State and Syracuse, universities are taking more into consideration when hiring for their sports teams.
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