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Study: Adults love online video, too

Oct 10, 2013
A new Pew study finds that adult Americans aren't just watching online videos, they're making them as well.
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Putting a price on YouTube

May 6, 2013
YouTube is set to start charging a monthly fee for certain video channels. But most content will still be free.
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You may soon have to pay for YouTube

May 6, 2013
YouTube will reportedly start charging around $1.99 a month for certain channels -- not for the cats on skateboards, but high quality produced content.
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Fishman goes from market stall to musical stardom

Dec 20, 2012
London fish vendor Shahid Nazir sang the praises of his produce so musically that it led to a song, a record deal and Internet stardom, but he might prove a one-hit wonder.
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