Kinect for Windows

Feb 2, 2012
More connections for Kinect
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Microsoft tries to capitalize on Google’s privacy issues

Feb 1, 2012
One person's crisis is another's opportunity
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Anti-phishing campaign unites major tech companies

Jan 30, 2012
It's the Do They Know It's Christmas of phishing!
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Mid-day Extra: Where can Nokia go next?

Jan 26, 2012
Nokia reported poor earnings today, losing over $1 billion at the end of 2011 -- but it still hopes to turn things around with its Microsoft partnership.
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Hotmail is on Fire

Jan 25, 2012
Kindle Fire, that is. See what we did there?
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CES highlights

Jan 10, 2012
More things that go buzz
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Microsoft’s UFC app fails

Jan 4, 2012
Disrupts bloodsport.
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Microsoft sends SPOT to a big farm upstate

Jan 4, 2012
Where he can run and play with other technologies and you can never see him again
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2012: The year ahead in technology

Jan 2, 2012
Buckle your seatbelts -- from the PATRIOT Act to mesh networking, here are some predictions on what will make technology news in 2012.
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