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SEC mulls fees for high-speed traders

Feb 23, 2012
High-speed computers dominate stock trading. But they cancel so many transactions that the SEC wants to fine them for “speeding.”
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High-frequency trading: speed matters

Dec 23, 2011
High-speed computer transactions are making the market more treacherous for smaller investors.
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Aug 12, 2011
The stock market's fastest electronic firms boosted trading threefold during the rout of August 1-10, Bloomberg reports. Gary Wedbush, executive...
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Panel moots new rules on high-frequency trading

Feb 18, 2011
Experts advise U.S. securities regulators impose tougher rules on high-frequency trading to prevent a sequel to the May 6, 2010, "flash crash."
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Trans-Atlantic cables for even higher frequency trading

Oct 1, 2010
Because milliseconds matter in the world of high-frequency trading, the new cables being laid between New Jersey and London will take cable speed from 65 milliseconds to below 60 milliseconds.
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Don't fear high-frequency trading

Aug 23, 2010
Commentator Matt Samelson argues that high-frequency trading shouldn't be vilified as a troublemaker, but seen as a type of trading that maximizes value out of the market and corrects mispricing.
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Explaining high-frequency trading

Aug 12, 2009
High-frequency trading is creating a ruckus on Wall Street. Marketplace Senior Editor Paddy Hirsch explains what high-frequency trading is and why some people are up in arms about it.
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