US questioned China over attack

Jun 15, 2011
In April, the US-based website Change.org launched an online petition regarding China's imprisonment of artist and dissident Ai Weiwei. Soon after...
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LulzSec plays DJ, takes requests

Jun 15, 2011
On today's MTR, we talk about the emerging hacker group known as LulzSec, which recently hacked into the US Senate website after previous attacks ...
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LulzSec hacks the US Senate

Jun 14, 2011
It apparently happened over the weekend and was revealed late yesterday. Senate staffers say that it was a fairly low level attack on the public...
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More Anonymoseurs arrested

Jun 14, 2011
This time, in Turkey. Reuters reports Turkish police got 32 Anonymous members....
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Bono Mack to introduce hacking transparency bill

Jun 14, 2011
In light of all the attacks on corporate sites in recent months, Rep. Mary Bono Mack (R - Calif.) is circulating a draft of bill that would require...
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Citibank hack might mean big changes for banks

Jun 10, 2011
Thursday, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp's head Sheila Bair said she might require "banks to strengthen their authentication when a customer logs...
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Citigroup the latest to be hacked

Jun 9, 2011
I wonder if there's a big wheel somewhere that the hackers spin and whoever it lands on is the one to get hacked. One day it'll be Hostess snack...
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A token effort to address hacking

Jun 7, 2011
The recent hack into the huge defense contractor Lockheed Martin was accomplished using compromised security tokens from a company called RSA...
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Sony's swiss cheese security

Jun 7, 2011
The new hackers on the block, Lulz Security, said Monday they hacked Sony again. It reminds me of my junior high basketball game - the score was,...
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Another Sony hack. Come on, you guys!

Jun 3, 2011
The beleaguered Sony had another security breach Thursday. The group that compromised Sony's network calls itself LulzSec. According to Reuters,...
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