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Food stamps and the politics of poverty

Oct 30, 2012
As the 2012 presidential election enters its final days, we examine one of the stars of the campaign. Not binders or Big Bird. This one begins with the letter 'F' -- food stamps.
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Binders, Big Bird -- and food stamps?

Oct 29, 2012
If millions more Americans are relying on food stamps, does that mean the program is working or failing?
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Ryan says private sector key to ending high poverty

Oct 24, 2012
VP candidate says businesses can grow jobs and private donations can displace the safety net.
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Why are food stamps part of the Farm Bill?

Jul 11, 2012
The food assistance program grew from rural efforts to get urban support for farm subsidies.
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Rising use makes food stamps a target

Jun 6, 2012
The recession has boosted the number of Americans on food stamps to 44 million.
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When unemployment runs out -- what's next?

May 31, 2012
More long-term unemployed workers turn to food stamps and other government programs.
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Food stamp fraud grows in the U.S.

Mar 9, 2012
A recent report says that as the food stamp program has grown, so has fraud. And it's costing the government hundreds of millions of dollars.
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Election 2012: Voting for food stamps

Feb 2, 2012
The number of Americans who receive food stamps is up and the cost to taxpayers has nearly doubled since the last presidential election year. See where your state stands on this election issue.
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Florida lawmaker hopes to change food stamp rules

Jan 30, 2012
Florida is the latest of states that are proposing to limit what kinds of food people on food stamps can buy.
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Florida latest state to try to control food stamp purchases

Jan 30, 2012
After similar legislation failed in California, Texas, and Illinois, a lawmaker in Florida is hoping to ban the use of food stamps to buy soda, candy, and other junk food.
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