Heloc vs. Student Loans

Jun 3, 2008
Question: Is it better to use money remaining in our HELOC, money in our savings account or to take out student loans to pay for our daughter's...
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Credit Counseling? Bankruptcy?

Jun 2, 2008
Question: My husband and I have been offering budget counseling to friends and family for about 2 years now. It is rewarding to help people find...
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Roth vs Pay Down Debt

May 6, 2008
Question: I'm 26 years old, and have no credit card debt, no car loans, no student loans. I max out my 401(k), and have a six-month emergency fund....
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Cash or Loan?

May 5, 2008
Question: Hi, I have to replace my roof (sooner then later). Should I pay cash from a money market savings account, or take out a loan? Thank you,...
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Mortgage Accelerator Programs?

May 2, 2008
Question: My husband & I are both retired. We have parent loans for our 3 children's college expenses. We have a $20,000 home equity loan but...
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Co-signing a Loan

Mar 27, 2008
Question: I have a very good credit rating and am considering co-signing on a loan for a family member who has a very poor credit rating. Will her...
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Too much Debt

Mar 6, 2008
Question: I'm 54, earn about $80,000/yr and plan to work for 10 more years. I have $100,000 invested with Edward Jones in growth funds and would...
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College Choice

Jan 31, 2008
Question: My son, a high school senior, was accepted to one of Minnesota's private colleges. We have been fortunate in that we invested over the...
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Too Much Debt

Jan 28, 2008
Question: I'm ashamed to say that I am one of those Americans who have used credit cards to make ends meet. Mostly they've been used for moving...
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