Paying for culinary school

Jan 26, 2010
Question: My daughter got a Sallie Mae loan to go to culinary school. She was 27 so did not get the special low rates for younger students, rather...
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Save for car

Jan 25, 2010
Question: I am saving up for a new car. I put away, above and beyond the normal expenses on my current vehicle, fifty cents for every mile I drive,...
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Which debts to pay off first

Jan 12, 2010
Question: I am hoping you can help me with a question my husband and I have. We currently have an extra $1200.00 that we would like to pay towards...
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A dollar collapse

Dec 10, 2009
Question: Will personal debt be devalued like government debt when Obama devalues the dollar and please don't act like he won't do that 3rd quarter...
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The new credit card rules

Dec 2, 2009
Question: The new credit card interest rules [say] any payment amount over the minimum would be applied to the Higher Interest Balances when the...
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Taxes and short sale

Nov 17, 2009
Question: I'm trying to find out the tax implications of selling our house in a short sale. Basically, our house was on the market for 2years and...
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Refinance, or not

Nov 7, 2009
Question: I own a home which I'm in the process of refinancing under the Keeping Homes Affordable program. As part of the refinancing, the mortgage...
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Responsible for debt

Oct 27, 2009
Question: In 1999 I opened a credit card with my nanny to help her establish credit. I have never used the card so all of the charges on it are...
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Mortgage and taxes

Sep 9, 2009
Question: I always enjoy listening to your comments and hope that you have a moment to settle a discussion a friend and I are having. Is the ...
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Credit problems

Aug 26, 2009
Question: I think that my daughter is in deep credit card debt. I would like to pay off some of her credit cards. Is that possible to do on my own...
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