A 15% society?

Jul 29, 2011
The curtain can't go down fast enough on the summer theater of the absurd over the federal debt and deficit in Washington D.C. The apocalyptic...
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Whew! Consumer finances are getting better

Jul 7, 2011
Every day on Marketplace Money we get questions from people struggling to pay down their debts and save more. It's hard to do. The movement toward...
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Moving past bankruptcy

Jul 1, 2011
Our Minneapolis caller is a 27-year-old single mom with a pile of student loans and an equally large pile of credit card bills and medical debt....
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Another reason to save

Jun 21, 2011
A theme of these posts is the importance of savings and not just for retirement. You should save to fund a series of transitions throughout a...
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Hopefully, compromise prevails

Jun 20, 2011
The current negotiation over the debt limit is critical for the economy. Here's one way of measuring the stakes....
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To HELOC or not to HELOC

Jun 2, 2011
Question: Hi Chris - my wife and I are considering taking out a small home equity loan or line of credit for a home project ($6-7K). We have plenty...
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Insider games

May 31, 2011
There's a vote tonight (Tuesday evening) on raising the federal government's debt limit ceiling. House Republicans are bringing up the vote even...
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Reduce debt, reduce stress

May 19, 2011
Question: My husband and I have quite of a bit of debt, and we have just had our first child. In addition to a mortgage, we have old credit card...
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Targeting debts

May 13, 2011
Question: I currently have $18,000 of non subsidized Stafford Student loans and 13,000 of personal student loans. Then I have 20,000 in auto loans...
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Seeking debt relief

Apr 18, 2011
Question: We are trying to decide what our next step is to help us with our debt. We have been in debt for several years and we have always been...
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