Seeking debt relief

Apr 18, 2011
Question: We are trying to decide what our next step is to help us with our debt. We have been in debt for several years and we have always been...
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Lew: No debt limit countdown clocks (please)

Apr 15, 2011
This final note today: A plea from federal budget director Jack Lew, who as you might imagine has a lot on his plate these days... And he's tryin...
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MID-DAY UPDATE: Gaddafi's gold supply, UAW meets, oil prices back up

Mar 22, 2011
Here are some of the headlines from the Marketplace Morning Report and around the web. Germany is calling for the European Union to impose a fu...
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Money, family, and friends

Jan 26, 2011
Is it a good idea to lend money to family and friends? The answer is among the more difficult and contentious topics in personal finance....
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A financial compromise

Jan 24, 2011
Question: I'm looking to buy a car now but at the same time looking to buying a house in the future. I have the money to buy the car outright, but...
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MIDDAY UPDATE: Chinese TV ads, debt control and Starbucks app

Jan 19, 2011
President Obama welcomes Chinese President Hu Jintao to the U.S. this week for a state visit. President Hu also will meet with key U.S. corporate...
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This is just wrong

Jan 13, 2011
Personal finance columnist Michelle Singletary highlights that despite the new CARD law credit card companies are still targeting young adults....
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What to do with my debts?

Dec 27, 2010
Question: I got my bachelor's in studio art in 2007. Now I'm 26 and have been out of school and paying off 2 student loans for nearly 3 years. The...
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12 steps to financial freedom

Dec 27, 2010
Is it time to bring order out of financial chaos? Struggling to get out of debt?...
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Fund an IRA or target student loans

Dec 21, 2010
Question: I recently decided to put away a little extra money every week from the income I have left over after contributing the max to my 401k,...
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